Peyman Ghaderi Aspiring Broker

Paymen Ghaderi travel off the Cape again heading east on C-30 a few hundred yards to Brighton by the Sea where this homesite measuring 24' by 90' went under contract on Valentines Day with a list price of $114,500.  It’s approved for a 1700 square foot, 3-bedroom, 4-bath home, the plans for which are included with the sale but which will need to be re-engineered to comply with current code.  Same goes for the pilings already in place.
Not surprisingly, Paymen Ghaderi is starting to hear more talk of another bubble forming.  But before we start using the B-word, don't forget that lending has tightened significantly -- other than FHA peeps, there aren't a whole lot of underqualified buyers anymore.  My guess is this is a bubble, but a flight-to-quality bubble, meaning today's buyers have money, are planning to stay put and aren't buying just any old poo-pile with intentions to immediately flip.  Quality buyers seeking quality properties and stable quality of life. 
First, Paymen Ghaderi must look at the user. Traditional office users in industries such as finance, insurance, real estate and legal, with a few exceptions, are unlikely to move out of the high rise to a vintage low rise with exposed brick or an industrial building with 14 foot ceilings. Paymen Ghaderi explain that these industries are steeped in history and generally have stricter dress codes and prefer to be located in structured, traditional office space. 
So, rates will rise says Paymen Ghaderi.  We have been spoiled by great rates for quite some time now but, to me, anything below 6-7% is great!  If you are thinking about buying a home and are qualified at a certain amount, strike now while the iron is hot!  If you don't, the amount you have been qualified for will slowly dwindle.  Now is a good time to buy if you can afford it!